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To download a program, click on the blue highlighted names.


Net Nanny: This filtering software lets you protect and ban your children from << Adults only >> sites. It limits the access to inappropriate content, it monitors the Internet, your email, IRC chat rooms, newsgroups and more. You can download a free 30 day evaluation version.

Cyber patrol: This effective software lets you protect your children while surfing online. It lets you customize it by creating different filtering criteria for your children according to their age and needs. You can supervise what they access and regulate their time spent online. Download an evaluation version.

Surf watch: This software lets you minimize the risk of unwanted and inappropriate content. You can download it for a 15 day evaluation period.

CYBERsitter: Download this 10 day evaluation software that lets you control and ban unwanted materials and content coming through the Internet. You can also download and purchase the full version through their online store.

BrwoseSafe: BrowseSafe is a configurable, filtered access plug-in for your Netscape or Internet Explorer Web browser. It allows parents to monitor or control what their children access while online. It offers three browsing levels with tailored content to specific age groups. Each level is accessible through a separate password. Your master password enables you to temporarily disable filtering, preview Web sites without restriction, or choose from the 35 dif ferent categories of filtering for each age group. This 30-day trial program.


Empiriana: An on-line, multiplayer, medieval role-playing game with a huge world. You can easily spend hundreds of hours exploring. Fight monsters, accomplish quests, and meet new friends from around the globe. This latest version includes many new features, such as an automatic map/adventure log. Please note that to play this game, you must sign up for a free account that requires your name, address, and email address.

Vanguard Ace: Shoot down fighter airplanes, and battle ships. High action!

Star Trek ConQuest Online: Star Trek ConQuest Online (STCO), the first online-only Star Trek game, is currently under development by Activision and Genetic Anomalies. In STCO, you take the role of a member of the Q Continuum. In a battle of wits against other Q, you have the people, ships, weapons, and even historical events of the Star Trek universe at your command. But are you clever enough to outwit an omnipotent being?


WinZip: WinZip is a straightforward zip and unzip utility that includes built-in support for popular Internet file formats: TAR, ZIP, UUencoded, XXencoded, BinHex, MIME, and UNIX-compressed files. ARJ, LZH, and ARC files are supported via external programs. An optional wizard simplifies unzipping and installing software in ZIP files. WinZip 6.3 features automatic, built-in disk-spanning support for multidisk ZIP files. WinZip also includes an interface to the freely downloadable Internet Browser Support add-on, which lets you download and open ZIP files from the Internet with one click via Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. This new version of WinZip is a free upgrade for all registered users.

Logtime: LOGTIME is a utility software that lets you keep track of your Internet usage time. It is very useful specially when you have a connection that is limited to a certain number of hours.

Ws_ftp: A method of transferring files and distributing information between computers, File Transfer Protocol (ftp) is an integral aspect of information transfer on the Internet. WS FTP is an FTP application for Windows. It can be used to upload your web pages onto our server. Help about WS_FTP can be found in the technical support section.

ICQ 2000a: ICQ 2000a is the latest release of ICQ ("I seek you"), the popular instant messaging program that lets you communicate with friends and colleagues in real time. To seek out a friend on the ICQ network, simply enter his or her ICQ number, name, nickname, or email address. Once your contact list is set up, you'll be notified when your friends are online so that you can chat; send instant messages, files, and URLs; play games; or just hang out.

Download Accelerator: Download Accelerator is a file download accelerator/manager that can increase download speeds up to 300 percent. It features multiserver connections for best performance. Download Accelerator can also recover from lost connections, computer shutdowns, and other errors. The program even searches for mirror sites to maximize your download performance. It integrates fully into Netscape and Internet Explorer, supports proxy servers, features auto-hang up after download completion, and more.

Adobe Acrobat Reader (32-bit): The Adobe Acrobat Reader allows you to browse portable document format (PDF) files that have been created by Adobe Acrobat. It also enables you to fill in visually rich, interactive PDF forms.This latest version includes a new Web Buy feature. This feature allows you to download encrypted files from the Web and unlock them to read on your computer or reading device. With Web Buy, you can purchase and view digital content that has been produced by publishers using Adobe PDF Merchant. PDF Merchant is a server-based technology that encrypts PDF files and works with Web Buy to manage the distribution of and access to the secure PDF files. This allows you to download and purchase electronic books, manuals, reference works, and more.


Mirc_Chat: MIRC is a highly configurable IRC client. Features include a clean and intuitive user interface, an events handler, and full DCC file send and receive capabilities. The program also offers colored text lines, aliases, remote commands, and support for sound. This update includes several fixes and improvements over version 5.3; as usual a new IRC Intro is included, as well as a fresh list of IRC servers for wider communication possibilities.

Ms Explorer 5.1: Internet Explorer 5.01 includes support for Dynamic HTML, Java, and the Channel Definition Format (CDF). An AutoSearch feature lets you choose your search engine and display search results in different ways. For example, you can choose to be redirected automatically to the best-matched site. In the history box, you can sort the list of sites by date, site, most visited, or the order visited. The AutoComplete feature displays a drop-down list of matching sites when you start to type a URL in the address bar. AutoComplete also works with Web forms, displaying a list of previous entries when you start to type in a field on a Web site. To automate login processes even further, you can also save usernames and passwords for particular sites.

Netscape Communicator 4.7: Netscape communicator Version 4.7. This version of Netscape will let you use and verify different email accounts. For multiple email accounts, you will have a choice to log into one of the accounts specified in your email configurations.

Audio Player: This player allows you to play audio applications.

Quick Time: Latest QuickTime is Apple Computer's award-winning, industry-standard, software architecture that makes it possible to create, integrate, and publish all types of digital media. Using QuickTime, software applications can offer the ability to work with a wide variety of media file formats and media encoding in an easy, consistent way. QuickTime was designed from the ground up to simplify the task of working with and integrating the widest possible range of digital media types-not just sound and video. QuickTime today truly provides the most comprehensive, most flexible, and most integrated set of media services available to content creators and software developers regardless of whether you publish to video tape, CD-ROM, or the Internet. QuickTime is composed of three distinct elements-the QuickTime Movie file format, the QuickTime Media Abstraction Layer, and a rich set of built-in QuickTime media services. These three elements enable users to realize the full benefits of the QuickTime software architecture.

Shockwave: For Netscape Navigator Streaming Shockwave delivers rich, dynamic, and fully interactive animation, audio, and multimedia to you with little or no waiting. Thousands of Web sites provide games, simulations, highly dynamic user interfaces, streaming audio, and multimedia productions. This version allows you to view multimedia created by both Director and Flash.

Real Player Real Audio and Real Video: is the delivery of Real-Time Audio and/or Video over the Internet. The Real Audio System, delivers the highest-quality audio, from basic speech to full symphonic music, at all bandwidths on the Internet. The Real Audio Player continuously decompresses and plays the audio in Real-Time. Therefore allowing users to sit back and listen as it downloads, entire audio programs or navigate on-demand clips, listening to what they want, when they want it.

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