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Residential Access

Would you like to surf the World Wide Web? Are you looking for a company that you can count on and one that responds to all your Internet expectations? Look no further. Clair.Net lets you get connected with no hassle at all.

We offer a very flexible residential access. Whether it’s only for one hour a day or an unlimited access, you can choose a plan that best fits your needs and budget. For a faster registration, you can subscribe and register for an Internet account using our online registration and get connected form.

Here is a list of residential services that we offer:
  • Email connection
  • Modem connection
  • Cable modem connection
  • DSL connection
  • SAT connection
We also have a technical support service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our technicians are always available to answer your questions and help you.

All of our members will also take advantage and be able to download different programs and games using our online ftp services.

Here is our residential price list:

Residential access
Type of plan Type of connection Description Price
A Email connection 15 hours of Internet connection any time during the month. *,** 9.95$
per month
B Economic connection 40 hours of Internet connection any time during the month. *,** 14.95$
per month
C Adequate connection 60 hours of Internet connection any time during the month.*,** 16.95$
per month
D Unlimited connection Unlimited usage. 21.95$
per month
E Unlimited connection with personalized web page Unlimited usage during the month with a personalized web page created with your own specifications.** 24.95$
per month
H Cable modem Unlimited usage* 39.95$
per month
K Special pre-paid plan 10% reduction on all subscriptions paid annually. -10%
Bonus - No matter the plan you subscribe to, you always get 5 MB of free and secure web space for your personal web page + 5 different email accounts.

* An additional fee of $1.00/hour applies if usage is outside the connection limit.

Connection specifications:
  • No connection and setup fee.
  • No cancellation fee.
  • Ratio 1 user per line.
  • Possibility to modify your connection plan any time.

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